Saturday, March 8, 2014

Forgiveness....By Matthew West.... and Healing.

My father is a pedophile, and he used the most sacred gift of forgiveness and repentance as a manipulative tool to abuse me and keep me under his control.  His spiritual abuse of me around the words of forgiveness and repentance were so extreme that the very mention of the word caused me to be overcome with anxiety.  I avoided that topic at all costs and did not want to think of it... Then, one day I got a phone call telling me that the Statute of Limitations took my 23 year fight to report my father, it took my "well documented case", it took these things I had fought so hard for, and it made them impossible.  I had to drive my kids, at that moment, to an activity one hour away.  God figured that he had me where he wanted me, and he taught me a sermon of love and peace, as I listened to KLOVE and cried my eyes out.  His sermon started with Overcommer.  It sung to me through song after song on the way to the event, and on the way home again.  I wish I knew all the songs in between that took my heart and healed it from the depths of despair I was in.  The capstone of the sermon was this song, Forgiveness.  For the first time I understood Gods love, even for someone like my pedophile father.  Now I am listening to this song again, as I am preparing to report my father to his church.  Thank you for the truth you sing!

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