Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Atonement does not heal Lung Cancer or Kidney Disease

The Lord loved each of us enough to atone for each of our imperfections and sins.  He loved us each enough to die for us so that we may live again.  He loved us so much that he would make these sacrifices for us, even if some of us will never choose to partake of the gift.

The Lord has a unique message to the earth of unconditional love.  The Lord loves everyone, no matter the circumstances.  The Lord holds his hand out to lift everyone up, no matter what their choices are.

As people follow their Lord they are inspired to lift up others around them.  As people follow their Lord they have an unusual sense of hope towards the world.

I am very thankful for all the Lord has done to lift me up, give me hope, and help me heal.

The Lords atonement of repentance and forgiveness is fundamentally a spiritual principle.  When we turn to the Lord and take part of his healing atonement our spirit is healed.  The spirit is a strong thing.  When the spirit is healed it can have all reaching effects into every aspect of our lives.

As powerful as the spirit is though, the atonement does not heal the physical ailments that come from bad choices.  My abuse makes me fear and avoid dentists.  No amount of atonement will give me my healthy teeth back.  When an alcoholic comes to the Lords atonement to heal, he will be given lots of spiritual strength and healing, but the atonement will not heal his kidney disease.  When a smoker comes to the atonement to heal she will again receive a great deal of healing, but her healing will not include removing the effects of smoking on her lungs.  The atonement will not remove the smokers lung cancer.

Abuse has all reaching effects on a person.  The atonement is one significant part of the healing.  In turning to the Lords unconditional love we can heal the spiritual elements of the abuse.  Once the spiritual elements of the abuse are healed we can then start to focus on the mental and physical ailments caused by abuse.  But participating in the atonement will not heal all that havoc abuse causes in our lives.  The physical and mental ailments caused by abuse will need to be addressed and worked through still.

I am thankful for the Lords unconditional love that he has shown me through his actions and through the support of others.  Healing in my life is a process, slow and steady.  It is like healing seeps into the layers of my life deeper and deeper as I take a holistic approach to healing.  When my spirit heals it opens up my mental state to be healed more.  When my mental state heals it opens up my physical state to be healed more. When my physical state heals it opens up my spiritual state to be healed more.  I am thankful for the atonement, and I am thankful that I have lots of other resources to enable my healing to be holistic.

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